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About our online store

Trapstar is a fashion brand that was founded in London, but has taken the UK and Europe by storm in recent times thanks to its unique branding style, and endorsement from the UK hip-hop scene. Browse our collection of Trapstar Puffer Jackets and coats at a sale price.

Over the course of this decade, Trapstar has gone from London’s best-kept secret, to the go-to apparel for a generation of UK rap and grime fans. The distinctive gothic logo can be seen everywhere from rap gig moshpits to Fashion Week runways, and in September 2019 the label was awarded Best Streetwear Brand at the first annual World Fashion Awards. Stüssy, Palace, Off-White and Supreme were among the nominees in their category.

“It goes way beyond just fashion,” Mikey says. ​“It’s bigger than that. The reason we are here today is because a particular culture has supported us. We started at the bottom and worked hard to get to where we are. We now have a responsibility to give back, we have to make sure we keep the culture alive.”